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Scenic Attractions

Halliday Bay Resort is nestled in the beautiful sub-tropical area of Queensland's Hibiscus Coast. Within minutes drive or walk you'll find many beautiful scenic Australian spots including Cape Hillsborough Natural Park and beach, Seaforth, Smalleys and Ball Bay beaches and Eungella National Park rainforest.

Victor creek, 4km west of Seaforth is also a safe harbour for the endangered Dugong, which feed on Seagrass beds surrounding the Newry Islands National Park; which includes Newry, Rabbit, Outer Newry, Acacia, Mausoleum and Rocky Islands off the Hibiscus Coast.

5 minutes drive from Halliday Bay Resort, Seaforth caters for visitors with local shops & bait store, lawns bowls club.

Cape Hillsborough

Cape Hillsborough National Park and beach.

Seaforth Beach

Seaforth Beach - Seaforth

Victor Creek Boat Ramp

Victor Creek Seaforth - A safe area for the endangered Dugong.



Local Adventure Spots

5 minutes drive from Halliday Bay Resort, Ball Bay offers majestic ocean views and a pristine, unspoilt beach to explore.

Belmunda Road

If you're in the mood for adventure, the beauty of the Australia's outback awaits you on the many picturesque country roads in the Halliday Bay / Seaforth region. Belmunda Road is just one of the scenic roads gracing the Halliday Bay / Seaforth region.

Shopping in Mackay

Mackay Queensland

30 minutes south of Halliday Bay, Mackay, "the Heart of Queensland" offers over 250 specialty stores at three major shopping districts, Mt. Pleasant, Canelands and Centrepoint, "the Fashion Destination."




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